Third workshop in Edinburgh: July 12-14 2017

The third and final workshop will be in the Open University’s Scotland Office. A full programme is up under the Events tab, with abstracts where available:

  • Ben Sachs, St Andrews, ‘Political morality is the state’s role morality’
  • Stephanie Collins, Manchester, ‘Which Role-bearers Constitute the State?’ (co-author Holly Lawford-Smith)
  • Erin Taylor, Washington and Lee, ‘Social Roles and Ought Implies Can’
  • Jeremy Evans, Boston College, ‘Toward a Role-Ethical Theory of Right Action’
  • Tracy Isaacs, Western, ‘Role Responsibility and Role Obligation in Oppressive Social Contexts’
  • Lisa Herzog, Technische Universität, Munich, ‘Self and role – transformation agency in organizations’
  • Reid Blackman, Colgate, ‘Role-Grounded Normative Reasons’
  • Joseph Kisolo-Ssonko, Nottingham, ‘Race and the normative force of non-voluntary social roles’
  • Sarah Stroud, McGill, ‘Beyond My Station and its Duties: Could There Be a Role Ethics?’
  • Robin Zheng, Yale-NUS, ‘Responsibility for Structural Injustice: A Role-Ideal Model of Accountability’

There are two further (non-workshop) events in the Autumn during the grant period, including the Main Conference in Senate House, London at the end of September. Again, details will appear under the Events tab.

As ever, all welcome!